Our Shared Stories


Oscar Peterson, Canadian Difference Maker in Canadian Music

Student Name: Minjin This video is about Oscar Peterson and how he was a difference-maker. Oscar Peterson started playing at a young age. He had his struggles with discrimination despite his talent. He believed Music was the first field to break down musical barriers.

Lockmaster’s Treasure: Mr. Davis and his Hidden Treasure

Student Name: Bella There is a treasure hidden near the Jone’s Falls Locks in Elgin Ontario. The treasure was hidden by the former master of the Davis Lock, Mr. Davis. This project describes the secrets surrounding Mr. Davis and his Locks.

The London Majors Baseball Team

Student Name: Owen The history of London Ontario’s baseball team which was established in 1925. This project includes photos and interviews with players

Les noms des rues a Kingston et ce qu’ils veulent dire

Les Filles du Roi et les deus Marie Grandin – The Daughters of the King and the Two Marin Grandin